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Have you ever walked into a home and immediately felt cozy and welcome, as if you’d entered your grandmother’s house and she’d offered you just-out-of-the-oven cookies she’s made just because she knew you loved them? If so, chances are that home was filled with country furniture.There’s just something comforting and cozy about country furniture. Not that country furniture is ugly or old-fashioned looking. Just the opposite. The gentle curves and soft lines that often define this style of furniture is very “put up your feet and stay awhile.” You often may have a sudden urge to nap because a country-style couch often is well-padded with well-stuffed pillows along its back. A severely modern furniture style, on the other hand, can sometimes give off a “do not touch!” vibe, let alone a “make at home” feeling.So if you want to turn your house into “home,” consider purchasing this style furniture. When you’ve had a tough day at the office, or your child has had a rough day at school or on the playground, your country furniture can help whisk the stress and bad happenings of day away.Furniture: Sturdy, Finely Crafted and Beautiful!The furniture is also well-made; no particle board and faux wood finishes here. You can choose from hardwoods such as maple, cherry and oak, and all of them are available in the color stain that’s perfect for the vision you have of your home’s decor. In addition, country furniture often is made by fine wood crafters and is made to last for generations. These well-made pieces often are hand finished, with each part of the piece hand sanded to an incredible smoothness. Country furniture craftsmen then often apply a satin or high-gloss coat stain to “finish” the piece.Not to be outdone by the hardwoods, country furniture makers often use the “soft” wood Pine for their pieces. Pine’s “knotty” look exudes comfort and a slower pace of life. Don’t be surprised if visitors start letting out sighs of complete relaxation when they come to your home.You’ll often see this country style furniture painted bright colors. If so, you’ll notice that these pieces – sideboards, low cabinets, bookshelves, cabinets – make great accent items and really liven up a room. They also become great conversation pieces because of the focal point they often become within your decor.Not that all homes filled with country furniture are brimming with color. Some of the most peaceful and “calming” of country decors will see you decorating as simply as possible, using natural colors and textures to give your home a feeling of simplicity, friendliness and family – all ideals associated with country furniture.